We are excited about being able to share the celebration of our marriage together with friends and family while experiencing the tranquil beauty of the Riviera Maya. We welcome our guests to attend our celebration the week of April 7th, 2013 and continuing through April 13th, 2013.

In order to get there, you'll need to fly to Cancun, Mexico and then catch a bus transfer down to the Barcelo Maya Palace in Puerto Aventuras. You can organise a bus transfer through the hotel, or there are private bus companies that can shuttle you to the hotel. It's about 60 to 90 minute drive from Cancun airport.

Passports and Visas

Passports are required for all air travel to and from Mexico. Passports are mandatory for all travellers regardless of age. Mexico also requires that your passport is valid for at least 6 months from the date you leave Mexico. I.e. if you are departing April 14th, your passport should not expire before October 14, 2013.


For Australian citizens, if you are travelling to Mexico via the USA, a visa is required by the States. Even if you just have a layover, they still require the visa. You apply for the visa online at ESTA.


Mexico is a foreign country, as such, you may want to check with your Doctor or Travel Immunization clinic to see if any immunizations are required.

Cancun Airport

Avoid any Sales People

After leaving customs and the secure area of the airport, proceed straight to the visitor pick-up zone and locate your transportation. Be prepared for persons who may try to stop and talk to you. These people are selling time-shares, transfer sales, vacations or anything else that they can. Try your best to ignore these people. There are many people who wish to carry your bag and offer to help you find your transportation, feel free to decline their assistance. If, however, one of these guys should help you, give him a few dollars for his effort after he successfully locates your ride.


Transportation is included as part of the vacation offered by Air Transat Vacations, if you booked with the package. Check with your tour operator to verify if your package includes transfers to the hotel. If it does not, it has been highly recommened to arrange your transfer prior to arriving in Mexico.

The Hotel can also arrange this (more expensive, just email reservaciones@vacacionesbarcelo.com.mx) or there are many other private transfer companies, such as Cancun Valet, USA transfers, etc. who offer affordable and private round-trip transportation to and from the airport.

Note that Barcelo Maya is located in the town called Puerto Aventuras.

Resort Preparations


Shoes are an essential item when going to a beach resort like the Barcelo Maya. Guests should be aware that there may be sharp coral present alongside the beach or just beneath the ocean water level. Water shoes are highly recommended to prevent your feet from being cut. It is also nice to wear shoes while lounging in the pools or walking on the hot sands. Water shoes can usually be found for around ten dollars at Walmart.

Guests should also include a pair (or more) of cool, comfortable, easily removable shoes that can be worn while walking around the resort. You may find yourself walking from place to place, so be sure your shoes are comfy. Also include a pair suitable for the a la carte restaurants.


The all-inclusive package offered by Barcelo Maya includes the use of snorkels and masks, however, their use is limited to one hour per day. If you are interested in snorkeling, you may be inclined to buy your own equipment prior to leaving for your vacation.

A La Carte Restaurants

There are two types of restaurants at the resort, buffet and a-la-carte. The a-la-carte restaurants require reservations, and you must book in person at guest services located in the lobby. It's recommended to make all of your a-la-carte dinner reservations when you first checkin, to ensure you get the times that are most convenient to you. Here is a list of available resort restaurants.

Note that the specialty a-la-carte restuarants have a smart casual dress code (no sandals, open shoes or shorts), whilst the buffets require shoes/sandals, shirt and dry clothing.

Safety and Security

Guest safety and well-being is of the utmost concern when visiting a resort like the Barcelo Maya. Resorts all along the Riviera Maya adhere to the strict safety and cleanliness guidelines that we have grown accustomed to in Canada and Australia. All water entering the Barcelo property is filtered and purified using a reverse osmosispurification system. Even though bottled water is readily available for drinking, and you may still wish to use this during your stay. I think we will be using bottled water.

In the unfortunate incident that you become hurt or ill, the resort has a 24-hour medical center for your convenience. Plan ahead and pack a small first-aid kit to prevent unnecessary trips to the clinic for minor cuts or burns.

Guards are posted at the main security entrance 24-hours a day to check people going in and out of the resort, and fences line the outer boundaries of the property. Guests should check in with the main security entrance if leaving the resort property.

Despite the news reports you hear on television regarding other parts of Mexico, the Mexico Riviera Maya is relatively crime free. The towns and resorts all along this part of Mexico rely on travellers from western countries to help protect their way of life. Great care is taken to ensure that guests everywhere are afforded a safe and healthy trip.